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Sokkegalskap satt i system, endelig:-) Vi er to jenter som strikker og hekler sokker i alle farger, størrelser og garnkvaliteter. Felles for oss er at vi bruker garn som er tiltenkt sokker, dvs garn som er slitesterkt. Navnene våre er Wims og Bittami, og noen av dere har kanskje hørt om oss før - på diverse forum og sånt. Siden vi begge er passe bitt av å strikke sokker til enhver tid, fant vi ut at vi skulle ha en felles blogg.

Sockmadness brought into a kind of system, finally. We are two norwegian girls who is knitting and crocheting sock nearly all the time. The socks are in different yarn, colours and sizes. But one thing is in common for both of us; we use sockyarn which is suitable for socks. Yarn that is durable for wearing. Our nicknames is Wims and Bittami, and some of you may know us from various knitting/crochteing forums. And since we both are a bit sock-crazy we thought we'd have a common blog.

tirsdag 8. juni 2010

4 new pairs of socks - 1 pair for sale

So far, so good:-)
I've knitted 4 new pairs for the big sock challenge; 52 Pair Plunge. Or just the plunge, as I like to call it. Very different socks, all of these, but I like to switch between different yarn, and different patterns.

Up in the left corner is a pair of childrens socks, size about 3 years (it's rather funny how all of my children socks ends up in that size, I think it's mostly because I have my nephew Marcus in mind when I knit them :-) ) I have used Wollmeise Twin again, it's sooooo wonderful to knit. And after what I've heard; those socks lasts forever. The colorway is called Löwenzahn (daffodil) and it really looks like daffodils color.

Up to the right is another pair knitted in Wollmeise Twin. These anklets is called Calcetines de Ivo, and the pattern is from a knitting book called Andean Folk Knitting. The dark blue colorway is called Moses (don't ask me why) and the greenish is called Zarte Knospe ( I think I could translate it to Tender Buds). I was so happy about how these turned out, so I shall keep them myself:-)

The loooong gray socks is knitted in a sockyarn called Sterk, from Du Store Alpakka. Maybe you've alrady guessed it, there is some alpaca in this yarn. Together with 40 % merino and 20 % nylon, this is both strong and soft socks. They sits really perfect to me, and I'm a size 37 in shoes. (European)

Down in right corner there is a children pair of socks, or a small womans size. These socks is knitted in Regia 6-ply tweed sockyarn, together with some leftover from the long socks. That makes also this pair strong socks. These socks is inspired from the mentioned book; Andean Folk Knitting. I just saw a easy pattern in it, and adapted it to fit a sock. Easy, peasy pattern, nothing to be boasting about:-P
But; these socks are for sale, and if you are interested, send a mail:-) And you have to be really interested if you have read all this... LOL :-D

Pairs # 6, 7, 8 and 9 in the plunge from


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